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Who We Are

Presence International is a community of revivalists who desire to know Jesus and make Him known by the demonstration of His kingdom through His manifest presence.

The Scriptures declare that knowing Father God and His Son Jesus Christ is the very essence of eternal life (John 17:3). Through the cross, Jesus restored us to fellowship with Father God. We believe the Bible reveals that the ultimate desire of God is to be one with His people, dwelling in and with them. 

Echoing His desire, our mission is to build a community of revivalists that have one focus and one passion: To know Him. To know Him is to be transformed, and to be transformed is to live a passionate, pure, and powerful life that makes Him known to the world.
We do this through a five-fold focus of:
Worship - Prayer - Evangelism - Discipleship  - Sending

Our Core Values

The Lord gave us these 5 values, all rooted in love, to guide how we live and lead.
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Our Leader

Jeremy Groves is the founder and senior leader of Presence International Ministries. He joyfully oversees several five-fold ministers and ministries, laboring under the vision to see the kingdom of God established on the Earth as it is in Heaven.  
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Jeremy has devoted his life to pursuing purity and intimately knowing God. He is marked by a passion for revival and awakening and a deep love for worship, prayer, and intercession that permeates throughout his life. He longs to discover and reveal the deepest depths of God’s heart through His Word and he loves helping lead others into a deeper communion with Holy Spirit. Jeremy joyously co-labors with Holy Spirit to equip, empower, activate, and send revivalists out to bring the world into a transformative encounter with the presence and power of our risen Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom. 
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